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EE-YUI: A *full* Rich text editor plugin for Expression Engine

Posted on: September 11, 2008

The ee-yui plugin in the Expression Engine editing interface

The ee-yui plugin in the Expression Engine editing interface

As a follow up to the previous release, I’ve put together another plugin for the Expression Engine content management system.

This one adds the full YUI rich text editor to the ‘body’ area of the Expression Engine publish / edit interface.

The YUI simpleEditor is nice and everything, but sometimes it’s a bit too … simple.

Get the full plugin from the nice folks at Google Code:

ee-YUI full editor > plugin information and downloads


11 Responses to "EE-YUI: A *full* Rich text editor plugin for Expression Engine"

Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

Tom Humes

An example would be nice. At least a screen shot.

Hi Mike,

Good point – screenshot added 🙂


Is it possible to change textarea width? The window is too little for me.
I want to have clear css-friendly html. Can I add buttons like h1, h2, h3.., code, kbd, dfn, tt, definition list? And I want to disable “Font name and size”.
I don’t see the picture of the button ” clean html code” – this button is empty inside.
When I click “Insert Image”, the the popup window shows index.php and acronym.php (maybe from plugin Acronym).
Waiting for the new version with edit areas for summary and extended.
Thank you!


– You can change the width by looking for this code block in editor-loader.js:

// configure the editor
var myConfig = {
height: '400px',
width: '530px',
dompath: true,
focusAtStart: true

– you can customise the buttons for the editor. For more info, take a look at:

– the button image was missing from the package and my tersting didn;t pick this up. This has been corrected now – if you download the latest source package the image (html_editor.gif) will be in the /yui/css/ folder

– for the insert image issue, have you entered the correct image folder location in browser.php?

– I’ll work on getting edit areas sorted for the ‘summary’ and ‘extended’ fields in Expresson Engine 🙂


besides your plugin deletes formatting buttons for Summary and adds “Read more” to every Post, evet if it has only summary, no body.

@bestann – I don’t have this issue with my install, but I do use custom templates. Perhaps there is an issue with the templates you’re using? Please let me know what you find and I’ll do my best to help.


It doesn’t work correctly. In weblog, while editing, it is showed only on one textarea, and not on others …

@crnaova – the addition of editing areas for summary and extended is a priority enhancement for the next release (soon, I promise!).

I’ll try to test and write manual for our russian club
Besides now I use wonderful offline client Windows Live Writer (it is free). I’ve written how to make in work with EE, but in Russian.

You can watch screenshorts and manual here
If you want I can help you and translate how to install is with EE. It is really very comfortable.

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