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a really short tumblr review

Posted on: February 15, 2008

I’ve been trying Tumblr over the last couple of days (

Bascially it’s a ‘microblogging’ (my term..) service. You signs up, you creates posts (text, image, link, audio, video, chat) and you have a stream of posts.

The good

  •  UI is good
  • very easy to create posts
  • default themes are nice
  • fast, fast, fast to set up
  • post options allow you to keep it short and cover most things you’ll need to post

The bad

  •  no comments 😦
  • you can tag stuff, but I have no idea how you can view posts by tag
  • no ability to auto discover other ‘tumblogs’
  • no public groups to join, no ability to discover other groups

How to improve 

  •  comments
  • list public groups
  • list other users to follow


If tumblr allowed the above improvements I’d be there in a shot. It would be like Twitter but with a far richer data stream, and the ability to easily communicate and follow others.


7 Responses to "a really short tumblr review"

I also just signed up for Tumblr… pretty cool. The tags are waiting on Tumblr to index everything. In the meantime, they let us tag things in advance.

Thanks for letting me know Steve. It is frustrating as a user to spend time tagging things and then not have any way to sort / display by tag though.

The social aspect is still really missing though – it just feels so isolated…

Maybe i’ll use this service for my plan to post the pictures that I collected during my journeys. I think tumblr suits that well.

Still, I’ll just wait and see if tumblr implements your suggestion.

so it doesn’t really have comments feature? hm… that’s a big shortcoming in blogging world.

@zzeed well it didn’t when I checked, but it may have now – quite a few changes since then I imagine 🙂


Depending on the theme, some of them have comments added right in, otherwise, there is a quick n easy ‘how to’ for comments. 🙂 I’m using one of the themes that has comments.

You can view a llist of other tumblogs by content and tumblr sugests blogs to follow based on those which you are currently following. You can comment on posts when you reblog them, but comments are not permenant. Members who reblog the photo from you can alter or erase comments to better suit their blog.You can only comment on photos on your blog.

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