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Update: I got a response from the State Services Commission (SSC) staff today. I now have access to the Web Standards wiki and can confirm that the SSC are stll accepting account requests.

New Zealand has a web standards wiki. New Zealand e-Government guidelines have now become standards for all government website and public web application development, and the e-Government branch of the State Services Commission has created a wiki so that people can register and discuss the standards. This allows people to provide input from the trenches on the standards themselves and participate in the future direction of New Zealand e-Government Web Standards.

As a local government web developer, this is a party I wanted to be invited to, so I sent an email to the address given requesting an account.

Then I waited.

And waited.

On a local government email list, a member of the State Services team piped up, so I asked him what else I needed to do to get / progress my account so I could participate.

No answer.

Today I sent another email request. Sending an email is, from what I can tell, the only way you can request an account on the wiki.

No response.

Ok, State Services Commission, it’s great you’ve created a (theoretically) open place for people to feed back on the web standards, but can you just give me an account or answer ONE SINGLE EMAIL????

Or am I mistaken and is this actually a private party?