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The most useful PHP bookmarklet

Posted on: October 8, 2008

One of my most used bookmarks is this wee gem:

In Firefox, it set up this bookmark with the keyword ‘php’*.

This lets me type ‘php function name‘ into the address bar and takes me straight to the manual page for that function.
For example, for the date() function, I can just type

php date

and go straight to the date() manual page (

Simple and so, so handy

*You need to use the bookmark manager to do this


Looking for good PHP books? I recommend the following:


3 Responses to "The most useful PHP bookmarklet"

I find just using is just as quick with my typing speed: it’s just 4 characters longer and no need to set anything up. I do really really love that function of the PHP website.

Hi Richy,

Good point

Also just typing something like “php strreplace” in the firefox address bar also gets Google doing it’s magic and forwarding you straight to the relevant PHP function reference page, so you still may be able to save those 4 characters of typing 🙂

Or you can change the search box : (ie by default the ‘google’ search box) just add a new ‘search engine’ to the list that points to This gives you auto-complete too.

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