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In the interests of the entire internets (ie: me) I now post some stats from this site, which has been “active” (in the very loosest sense of the word) for about 18 months.

First up, top 17 posts:

Javascript: checking if a function exist 6,074
Internet Explorer 7 CSS filter 5,707
Javascript: testing whether elements or 3,123
MySQL query speed: REGEXP vs. LIKE 2,459
Drupal: Creating custom node templates 2,014
MySQL insert or update in one query 1,128
print_r into a variable 1,117
the password() function – mysql 4 vs. my 1,005
a really short tumblr review 937
Javascript: testing whether elements or 794
EE-YUI: A *full* Rich text editor plugin 741
mysqldump to text file 660
Notes on creating your first Adobe Air a 535
eeyui – a YUI rich text editor for Expre 477
Opera 9.5 CSS filter 396
Solving the Drupal ‘White Screen of Deat 386
MySQL multi insert 378

So, basically people are coming here looking for answers to coding problems. Much like what I do with 90% of the blogs I visit. (Note to self: write more of these)

Now – top 11 search terms

ie7 css filter 547
javascript function exists 512
ie7 specific css 476
tumblr review 399
javascript check if function exists 386
mysql insert or update 188
css filter 183
javascript check function exists 178
javascript if function exists 176
print_r to variable 150
javascript object property exists 137

Basically lining up with the top 5 posts. No prizes for guessing where most of my traffic comes from.

I’m surprised at how much interest my short review of Tumblr has produced.

Top 15 referrers… 251… 77 47… 38 31… 29… 28 27 26 23… 23… 22 22… 21

Some blogs, a Google Code project I administer, my Twitter account,  some comments I’ve left and a few extra bits floating about.

Weirdest Referrer

Um, OK.

Next – traffic summary

This really is something I should use to convince some clients of the value of frequently updating content and doing something (anything!) to promote their sites – and the traffic to this site is tiny.


As you can see – for the first year I didn’t even do anything with the site and since then I’d be lucky if I average one post a month. Despite this, traffic rises – which goes to show the power of writing things that at least a few people are interested in.

Any stats you care to share? Link them up in the comments.