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Subversion & Samba – “Error bumping revisions post-commit”

Posted on: May 22, 2009

I ran across some odd Subversion / Samba errors lately. It seemed whenever we added an image or non-text file to the repository, we were getting the error:

Commit succeeded, but other errors follow:
Error bumping revisions post-commit (details follow):
In directory '[dir name]'
Error processing command 'committed' in '[dir name]'
Can't move
'[dir name]\.svn\props\[image name].gif.svn-work' to
[dir name]\.svn\prop-base\[image name].gif.svn-b...\
Access is denied.

It looked like a subversion issue at first – but actually it’s not, it’s a Samba permissions issue. I share this to possibly spare someone else the pain of chasing this down.

Short answer – make some small edits to smb.conf, restart samba and the problem goes away.
The full solution is here.


2 Responses to "Subversion & Samba – “Error bumping revisions post-commit”"

Thanks man, this looks like exactly what I needed.

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