paul bennett

Great service

Posted on: June 13, 2008

A few ‘shout-outs’ for some great service I’ve been the recipient of over the last few weeks. I’m mindful that it’s a human tendency to complain when service is bad, so here’s a few companies getting things really right:

  • Digiweb
    A client no longer needed the e-commerce service ‘d signed up for them. Digiweb cancelled the account and cleared the outstanding invoice within 15 minutes after I’d emailed them. Awesome.
  • Mackinlay’s Footwear, Dundedin
    I sent some hand made shoes from Wellington to Dunedin for for resoling. The package left on a Tuesday, would have taken two days to get there (Thursday) and the show arrived back on the Monday. Effectively this means Mackinlay’s must have repaired them and posted them back almost the same day they received them. The workmanship was fantastic – it’s like having a new pair of shoes that are already broken in. Oh, and they made another small repair to the shoes as well – for free.
    When they say next day delivery they mean it. Amazing prices too.
  • My Palm Zire 21
    It’s about as low-tech as you can get for a PDA, yet it’s survived being repeatedly dropped, thrown and abused as well as having kids fighting over it and a two-year-old playing with it roughly and it’s never missed a beat.
    Three years on and still a great, usable OS, incredible battery life, no scratches, perfect clock, seamless syncing and a slew of handy software. Palm may have lost the PDA war, but they have a lot to teach other companies about how to build a solid product.

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