paul bennett

PHP: include / require_once on Solaris

Posted on: June 6, 2008

Consider the following:

// do some stuff

$settings = array('server' => 'locahost', 'user' => 'paul', 'password' => 'secret', 'database' => 'stuff');

$linkId = mysql_connect(/* db settings go here */);

Seems perfectly reasonable. myscript pulls in the settings, which then pull in the database connection functions.

On Solaris, however, the first file is included fine, but the second fails. Silently.
As you can imagine, this leads to much unneeded debugging. Not to self:  you can’t debug something well if it isn’t actually broken.

A search at doesn’t turn up anything, so it may be our server setup. If anyone is also using Solaris 10 and Containers and has this bug, please let me know.
Otherwise, you have been warned.


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