paul bennett

10 things I’ll do next week

Posted on: April 18, 2008

  1. roll out the new standards-compliant, jQuery navigation to a large section of the site (my work site, not this one)
  2. complete all my freelance work
  3. validate my code. I promise
  4. rent a DVD and actually watch it for a change
  5. get mod_rewrite voodoo working properly on my dev machine (tips welcome)
  6. focus more on enjoying what I do
  7. help the kids learn what ANZAC Day really is
  8. skateboard (even if it’s a bit wet)
  9. write to my grandmother
  10. hold myself to this list

1 Response to "10 things I’ll do next week"

the results:
1. rolled it back due to sever compatibility issues with legacy JS
2. no but I made good progress
3. most of it. OK, some of it
4. yep, can’t remember what it was though
5. not yet
6. it’s taken a few weeks but YES
7. no- they were with their grandparents over that weekend
8. yes
9. yes
10. kind of 🙂

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