paul bennett

on motivation

Posted on: April 2, 2008

Sometimes when I’m tired, or in the middle of a project I don’t enjoy I get a bit down. Today has been like 5 of those small ‘down’ times combined. I can’t get into my work, I’m finding it hard to feel positive (unusual for me) and I’m feeling pretty unfulfilled with my professional life in general.

After a short walk, prayer and some thought I realised what I’m lacking: vision.

I’ve been involved recently (outside of work) in leading a group to develop a vision statement along with a set of values and goals used to measure progress towards this vision.

Traditionally, this group has been led by people who lacked clear direction, or who led in a more dictatorial (although well-meaning) fashion.

The entire process has been incredibly energising – people finally got a say into what the future of the organisation should look like, and we’re now going from a rather bland, dull and unexciting place to one where the leaders feel involved. Not only this, now we also know:

  1. where we’re going
  2. what we need to do to get there
  3. how to measure our progress.

You may think of this type of thing as complete rubbish, but I’ve seen it literally transform an organisation.

Ironically I haven’t applied it to my personal life, as I’m ‘too busy’ (sound familiar?), but where else is could clear vision, values and goals be more important for me.

Life without vision, values and goals is what I’ve found it to be today – empty.


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