paul bennett

The power of fun

Posted on: February 19, 2008

Up until around January 2007 I’d been feeling progressively drained. I had a great family, for the most part I enjoyed my work, I was healthy, I read interesting stuff, but I just didn’t feel that excited or motivated about anything. What changed this?

I used to skateboard during my teen years and have never really ‘given up’ – I’ve always found myself with a board and enjoyed a few rides here and there. Around a year ago, a colleague who knew this suggested I try out a new skatepark near my work. I went for one skate, broke my old board in the process and was hooked.

Interestingly enough, skateboarding again has had a lot of positive spinoffs in the other areas of my life. I’m more motivated at work, I’m more excited about life, I feel (much) better about myself, I’m a more fun father and a more loving and positive husband. I really feel alive again.

I’ve learnt that, as humans we have an inbuilt need for positive diversion – to do something that is just plain fun, something which has no direct ‘purpose’ or deep meaning can in fact allow your mind to focus wholly on something else and in turn reignite you in other areas of your life. It’s akin to swimming at the beach, or snowboarding. Both those things force you out of your usual ‘world’ and into one that is less familiar but exists solely for enjoyment.

What can you do solely for fun today? Try it – I dare you. You won’t be disappointed.


2 Responses to "The power of fun"

So weird,… I also have found the very same “need for positive diversion” and have also experienced that boost of:
“Go get ’em!” in the other areas of my existence.

For me, it has been a re-kindled desire to play my bass guitar again (I’m an old school head-banger), not a sit and play few bars at home, but a “Break out the old bass gear and get together with guys on a Friday night (guitar player and a drummer) and rip it up!”.

Honestly it’s the best I’ve felt in a long time,….

So I can totally understand what your feelin’,… (I believe the term I’m looking for is,… Gnarly!) 😀


Glad to hear I’m not alone Ray! Everybody needs a release of some kind – we, as humans, go a bit strange when we don’t have something to lose ourselves in 🙂

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