paul bennett

how to make Google Reader suck less

Posted on: October 30, 2007

OK, that’s a bit rough – Google Reader isn’t that bad, and after the Newshutch fiasco I’ve needed to find another online RSS reader pronto.

Google Reader was OK, but this post from Derek Featherstone led me to a wee discovery to make my Google Reader-ing much more pleasant.

  1. Install the ‘stylish’ extension for Firefox
  2. Load this userstyle for Google Reader
  3. Bask in a much improved UI ‘inspired’ by OSX

Google Reader with user stylesheetNote: I’m not a Mac fanboy (I don’t even own an iPod forgoodnesssake) but there is no doubt that the OSX style UI is way, way nicer than Google’s offering. Just what is Doug Bowman doing over there anyway?


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